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Richtech LED AR

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Augmented Reality interactive LED display applies AR technology to a large screen and the result is something that has changed the advertising industry. Normally, companies limit their interactive ads to indoor locations. By using the large LED display in conjunction with our existing AR technology, this setup allows the use of our solution indoor and outdoor for gatherings and events. Let your audience interact and create a unique memory. 

Put yourself in the picture

Augmented reality makes it possible for people to see themselves interact with virtual animation on an LED screen. This technology makes use of a special animation, which is recognized by a camera embedded in the display. When a user stands on the designated surface the vivid 3D image appears on the screen and inserts the user into the animation.

The AR system allows for a lot of different customization, giving you a chance to show off practically anything you want on the interactive LED display. Content can be customized to fit your needs and can include things like virtual animals, food and drinks, jewelry, or almost anything else. Everything that goes into this display will serve as a reflection of your company culture and your mission as a business. This is an excellent opportunity to make sure that your brand remains unique and distinct, even if you have a lot of competitors in your industry. RichTech’s multimedia services have been offered to industries such as education, advertising, medical, and much more.


  • Customizable
  • Business in fun
  • Flexible and vivid 3D animation
  • Create a brand new experience
  • Make your display come alive