The Interactive Floor System is Molding Children’s Minds

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The Interactive Floor System is Molding Children’s Minds

The best description of today’s children born after 2010 is “Generation Alpha.” Alpha kids grow up with iPads in their hands and never live without a smartphone and the ability to transfer data online in a matter of seconds. Exposure to these technological advances is inevitable in a daily life of a child growing up in today’s society. In the past, individuals really had no dominance. Now, they have greater control of their lives through the ability to leverage their surroundings. Technology, in a sense, transformed the expectations of their interactions. However, children are children, and although they may be tech-savvy, their development and overall emotional well-being is supported in the classroom environment. The importance of pleasant and positive social learning experiences can lead to positive social behaviors in the future. Only building a stronger sense of self-worth for them.

Richtech interactive floor for children playground

RichTech focused on these issues and discovered a way to enhance the Interaction Floor System by creating children specific software to help teacher-child and child-child interactions. This involved games or effects to be projected on the floor and direct physical use of their feet or hands to display results or a change in image. The infrared sensor allowed it to be the perfect combination of technology and positive interaction for each child. This interaction between children also promoted a sense of friendly competition between comrades.

Richtech interactive floor for kids

RichTech’s Interactive Floor System has amassed success in several interesting and unique ways for our clients around the world. To elevating business growth to promoting brand recognition to unforgettable weddings. Nevertheless, the way it has revolutionized learning and changed education for children is one of the most defining moments. Learned behavior extends beyond the classroom walls and has a direct impact in a child’s lifetime. With the addition of this technology in the classroom, delivery of a more personalized experience for children encouraged interrelationships. RichTech’s Interactive Floor System enabled a child to keep up in today’s technological world and also provided the positive interactive experiences necessary to progress their process of development. Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.