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Why Choose Us

RichTech is skilled in multimedia solutions and innovations, with many different products that help people show off their brands and entertain customers. But why should you choose us instead of another in the field? There are many answers, but in the end, it boils down to a matter of trust.

Trust in our Experience

When you sign on with us, you are signing on with a business that has provided more than 100 successful cases across the world over the past 13 years. That`s a lot of experience, and it also means that we have seen how technology has changed and grown over the years. Some areas of support that we have experience in include advertising, banking, education, and service industries such as hotel and pavilion businesses.

Trust in our Products

At RichTech, we do our very best to make sure that all the products we make are of the very best quality. Every product that comes from this company has gained CE and SGS certification. That means that you can trust that all products will be made with the highest quality parts, and assembled by professionals. We also own the intellectual property rights of all the products we make. That means you only have to deal with us and not with a third party if you want to use a product in a unique and innovative way.

Trust in our Solutions

Our team consists of passionate individuals who provide the complete product design, research, development, and manufacture procedures for each item they work on. Our specialty is providing customized solutions to people who have complex logistical problems or a unique approach to brand recognition. With a strong attention to detail, we make sure to customize our products to fit any request that comes our way.

Trust in our Service

The online service available at RichTech is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We have skilled professionals standing by to confirm the normal operation of your products. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to get in touch with our distributors in a country near you who can provide you with service. The goal behind our service is to make sure that you get help as quickly and effectively as possible.

Trust in our Results

RichTech has a large group of loyal customers, with more than 90% of them returning to form a long-term partnership. We have customers throughout the world who rely on us to help their businesses grow. Any time we take on a job, the result is a win-win situation. We get to develop a new and interesting product, and our clients get new ways to promote their brand.

RichTech provides a combination of experience, strong customer service, and innovative ideas when it comes to virtual solutions. The reason you should choose us is because we can take every factor of your business and brand into consideration when designing a solution that fits your needs.