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Virtual Presenter


The RichTech Virtual Presenter is an innovative device that combines all the benefits of projector and Presenter. It is a customized shape acrylic interpreter to WOW customers with videos. The device is an excellent way to draw attention to your brand in shopping malls, exhibit halls, and virtually any other location where you might be able to attract customers. There are many different benefits available to users of this new technology, and just a few of them are detailed below for your convenience.

Our Virtual Presenter has two different versions, Virtual Presenter and Mini Virtual Presenter. The first version combines projection and printing, using an upper body that makes use of a rear projection system while making use of a printed lower body. This gives the presenter a very flexible appearance and a lot of utility in many different situations. Mini Virtual Presenter combines projection and mini acrylic shape, which can be customized in different form according to your needs, such as Coke bottle and mini Santa Claus.

Its unique design will definitely attract customers' attention and increase their eager to make purchase. RichTech virtual presenter can be used to describe the advantages of your products or company to create a high-tech atmosphere.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of Virtual Presenter:
1. Any shape can be easily customized according to your needs.
2. Compare with real people, RichTech Virtual Presenter can introduce your products with passion all the day and never feel tired.
3. The charming appearance and creative present way will attract thousands of customers.
4. Portable and easy to use.

Place available:
- Shopping Mall
- Airport
- Retail
- Exhibition/Event

Modern Appearance - Virtual Presenter

     Modern Appearance

          This Virtual Presenter is eye catching thanks to its

          modern appearance and the use of the most

          innovative projection technology available.

          This set up will help you stand out from other

          displays and will also provide you with some

          well-deserved convenience.

Different Version Available

We have 4 different version - Acrylic, Roll up Projection Banner, Mini Shelf, Mini Virtual Presenter,

which ensures you can find the exact design to meet your company’s needs.

Combination of Presenter and Projector - Virtual Presenter

Combination of Presenter and Projector

This Virtual Presenter is brand new and quite groundbreaking

when it comes to presenting a product or brand to new

audiences. Because this product combines a presenter with

a roll up banner, it is very simple and easy to store.