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Interactive Floor Provides Solutions for the Medical Industry

The entertainment aspects of RichTech’s Interactive Floor are well known, but there are many healthcare and education related solutions as well. The interactive projection system was recently used by a kindergarten in Estonia that caters to children with special needs, and the system proved to be a very valuable learning tool. By combining audio and visual interactivity, this product can be a significant boost to learners and to those who need a little extra educational aid.

One Small Step Into a New Field

The move toward assistance in the medical and educational fields is a completely new one for the Interactive Floor, but it is a logical progression from what has come before. More and more clinics are trying new solutions in their industry, and the utilization of new and cutting edge technology is something that clinics are looking at not only in their practice, but in what comes after the procedures are done as well. Interactive solutions are the wave of the future, and this interactive product can be extremely useful to help struggling children to learn or to provide therapeutic play for those who have just undergone a major procedure. With the help of this product, learning and healing can be very fun indeed.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of using the Interactive Floor are numerous, especially when children are involved. Because any activity using the interactive projection system can be framed as a game rather than as treatment, the product allows children to relax without worrying whether they are being tested or evaluated. The newness of the product draws interest from children instead of putting them on guard. That allows medical professionals to focus more on treatment, which means that any treatment the child receives is likely to have a greater effect overall. From a cost perspective, it also allows the hospital or clinic to decorate differently with a minimal amount of money spent. Overall, everybody benefits.

Educational Benefits

The Interactive Floor intersects with both the medical and education fields by being able to benefit children who have recently gone through a procedure or who have special learning needs. For example, autistic children can benefit through the use of the interactive projection system whereas a traditional classroom might struggle to communicate with these individuals. This system is not only helpful to those who learning difficulties, but it can be used at healthcare centers to help children who have suffered a traumatic injury as well. A child with a traumatic brain injury, for example, might be set years behind educationally, but the solutions offered through this system can help them catch up quickly.

While there was never any doubt that the Interactive Floor represented a breakthrough in terms of entertainment, the new uses recently discovered for the projection system highlight its value as an educational and therapeutic tool as well. RichTech is devoted to making sure that new solutions are always available, no matter where that might be. In this case, there are many children that can benefit from the product.