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RichTech Provides a Virtual Tour for Real Estate
RichTech recently showed off a new application of its virtual reality technology by providing individuals in the real estate industry to host a virtual tour. Rather than requiring potential homebuyers to visit the house site itself, RichTech’s equipment provided the opportunity to show off all the details of a home through a virtual walk through that could be held in a more convenient spot. This greatly streamlines the real estate process for both the buyer and the agent. (

How the Virtual Tour Works

The virtual tour represents a technological breakthrough in that it combines a 3D virtual reality interface with traditional technology in order to make things easier than ever for everybody involved in the real estate industry. Customers can view every detail about the home through a computer, phone, tablet, or other mobile device. This makes it much easier to house watch and allows potential buyers to view many more homes in any given frame of time. For agents, it means that they can present the virtual tours to their clients and then arrange live house viewings only for the homes that the potential buyers seem truly interested in, thus eliminating a lot of busywork and wasted visits for all sides.

3D virtual reality Virtual Tour for Real Estate

Features of the Virtual Tour

Using this system, a seller can put an entire house on display, including the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, stairs, and more. The exterior of the home can also be displayed to show off the lawn and garden. On the user end, it's just a matter of using the device's touchscreen in order to maneuver through the different 3D displays. This is a potential game-changer when it comes to the real estate market because it shortens the often lengthy amount of time between house site visits and eliminates the chance that potential buyers will get stuck touring a home that they have no interest in. It can also be invaluable to buyers who are looking for homes in another city and don't have a lot of time for visits.

The Start of Something Big

The virtual tour system is only the beginning of something that can be potentially much larger in the real estate industry and other businesses. As it is, the ability to do a virtual walk through is a huge time saver and can help avoid a lot of the hassles that come with buying a home. The interface isn't limited just to real estate, though. Hotels, caterers, and other businesses can benefit by offering similar tours to customers so they can show off their strengths in advance. There are also other possibilities available for the use of RichTech system in real estate and other industries. These include products such as the interactive floor system, the Kinect interface, and more. Solutions are just waiting to be discovered.

The virtual tour is an example of RichTech identifying a potential way to streamline an industry and then pursuing it. If you have suggestions for other industries or problems that might need a virtual solution, the company is always happy to take on a new challenge.