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Home Solutions RichTech’s Interactive Floor Helps your Kids Learn
RichTech’s Interactive Floor Helps your Kids Learn

Studies show that children work best when they can make a game out of their education. With RichTech’s Interactive Floor, you will be able to provide your children with a chance to have fun while they are learning. You can choose an interactive game to help them improve their ability to count, brush their teeth, and learn fine arts such as music.

Educational Benefits

There are many ways that the Interactive Floor can help your children learn. For starters, it puts the ability to learn in the hands of your children by allowing them to choose which games they want to play. Each of the games have educational value, so no matter what they have fun at they will be learning. Children learn better when they can make a game of it, and each of the games available will give them a lot of fun. This is also a huge boon to parents, who will be able to do their own work while their children are having fun. Parents can rest assured that the games their children are playing are age appropriate, meaning that this product can replace less beneficial video games.

interactive floor for children

Features of the Interactive Floor

The majority of effects available through RichTech’s Interactive Floor are suitable for children. The projector provides a flexible image that can be resized to fit almost any room. The floor includes more than a hundred differed 3D effects that can each be set and customized either before or during gameplay. The effects that can be created include the background image, the audio of the game, different forms of text, and much more. This level of customization means that you can use the floor for birthday parties, special occasions, and everyday use on rainy days when it might not be a good idea to go outside. You can change the way you use this product to suit whatever your home needs may be.

The Interactive Floor in Action

The Interactive Floor has many different applications and interactive games that can be played. It can be used at home or in the educational field, providing children with a chance to learn in the classroom while having fun. The product has received many different positive reviews from different parents and educators. It is highly appraised and its educational value is terrific. Most importantly, it has been well received by children of many different ages. Whether you have a toddler who is just starting to learn the alphabet or a classroom full of active children, this product can give them all the fun and education they need without relying on television or video games.

Comparing to Other Products

The Interactive Floor has many distinct advantages when compared to other forms of entertainment. It keeps children active and engaged, rather than allowing them to sit passively in front of a television. The games available are thoroughly researched and designed to impart educational value, as opposed to traditional video games which can be a detriment to learning. Additionally, the activities available through the floor require children to move and exercise, which is much better than the alternative where they are sitting and doing nothing. By engaging both the body and the mind, this product provides the very best in educational entertainment.

If you are an educator looking for a way to spruce up your classroom or a parent who needs to keep some children occupied in a safe and educational manner, the RichTech Interactive Floor will be useful to you. There are very few other products out there that combine the level of activity and educational engagement that this product does.