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Home Solutions Personal customized interactive floor system for bathroom in Hawaii
Personal customized interactive floor system for bathroom in Hawaii

A customer from Hawaii, has a villa by the beach. He was looking for some solutions to make his bathroom vital, until he found Richtech.

For this project, Richtech comes up with a solution, by using interactive floor system with sea effect to move the sea into his bathroom. The bathroom floor’s effects can be switched between sea, pond or sand beach with different kinds of sea creatures swimming around. The Richtech interactive technologies integrate the users and effects, the users are just like walking on the beach and leaving footprints behind or surrounded by beautiful sea creatures.

How to throw a huge image in such small space likes bathroom? The projector is horizontally mounted on the bathroom’s ceiling points to a mirror, with 3D mapping technology to achieve a maximum projection image in irregular space.

This brand new experience makes the customer quite pleased. He and his friends are all deeply impressed by Richtech interactive floor system.

RichTech will provide custom solutions for different purposes - entertainment, advertising, education, events and etc., to realize an imagination audio-visual experience.