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Home Solutions VR and Kinect Sensory System by RichTech - Successful application at IFA in Berlin
VR and Kinect Sensory System by RichTech - Successful application at IFA in Berlin

This summer, one of China’s biggest electric appliance companies, TCL Group used VR and Kinect Sensory System, developed by RichTech, to promote its new products at IFA in Berlin.

In order to make visitors feel more intuitively charm of TCL refrigerator's fresh food storage solution, RichTech Kinect Sensory System helped supply overwhelming experience to all visitors in memorable way. Screen of refrigerator was used as operation interface, all games were customized to be interacted, visitors not only enjoyed games with Kinect technology, but also knew great competition of TCL refrigerator.

Through VR technology, visitors experienced product advantages of TCL washing machine by their own. When wearing VR glasses, they reviewed whole process of cleaning and realized significance of clean laundry, health care and comfortable wear created by TCL.

Over 1,000 visitors experienced two products every day at IFA, which attracted more audience and also attention of local media. It is reported to be one of the most successful exhibitions of TCL. Brand awareness and corporate influence of TCL Group has been greatly enhanced at IFA once again.

It took around 20 days for RichTech team to finish development and production of the two systems. TCL’s management is very happy with high efficiency of RichTech and good performance of products. “We’re expecting to cooperate with RichTech for the next IFA”, one member of the management said to the public.