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Home Solutions How the Right Device Can Promote Your Child’s Well-Being
How the Right Device Can Promote Your Child’s Well-Being
RichTech’s Interactive Floor System is an extraordinary apparatus that has been implemented into several implementations worldwide. A key utilization was to encourage the development of children and assist in their growth as individuals, via children recreation centers and schools.

In one particular application, RichTech was contacted by a Russian Kindergarten needing an impressive way to attract more attention to their school, as well as, introduce a new technology to aid and stimulate learning for children. The Interactive Floor System helped children learn through fun, interactive games. Not only was it an effective way to teach, it grab so much attention that the local Russian Television News team broadcasted the Interactive Floor System in action all over Russia. The teachers at the school were overwhelmed and going forward business has skyrocketed to this day.

Here is news clip on YouTube:

As in any organization, customer satisfaction is the most important way to keep them coming back. One business savvy way RichTech made use of the Interactive Floor System was to install in a McDonald’s in Russia. Space was limited, however, RichTech made it happen as always and maximized the space to its full potential. It was a major attraction for children to spend time playing with other children, as their parents enjoyed a nonstressful meal. The restaurant became an outlet for children and adults to get away from the monotony of daily life and was a fun addition to any McDonalds that could not accommodate the “McDonalds Playplace” due to its size.

MIS in Japan conducted a rigorous market research and screening of potential solutions to grow yearly profit when they came across   RichTech’s Interactive Floor System. Their children’s entertainment center recorded the greatest yearly revenue increase ever and was one of the most successful campaigns for RichTech to date.

To sum it up, RichTech’s Interactive Floor System breaks the traditional ways of children entertainment centers. It allows a place for a child to exercise their mind as well as their bodies. For businesses, it provides an attraction to drive traffic to their establishment and return on investment is always great and worth the purchase.

RichTech Interactive Floor System is quite an amazing product! The benefits are endless. Not only will it help in the development of your children but will help in the growth of your businesses.