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Interactive Window Display Turns Heads

Have you ever thought to yourself I walked by this place a hundred times and did not know it even existed? Do you think others may say the same about your business? Sometimes all it will take is a well-placed display in your window to catch a passerby’s eye and help your organization stand out from the rest. RichTech was posed with this conundrum by a couple of their clients and came up with a clever solution: the Multi-Touch Window Display.

In order for your business to thrive and prosper, you will need to:
1) Build a Brand
2) Advertise
3) Repeat Customers
4) Be Creative

Nothing says this more than smart, interactive window display. Posting information about your company’s history and portfolio will build your cliental through informal, but effective promotion of your organization. There is only so much you do with social networking sites and other forms of media. It will definitely make a statement and build invaluable brand recognition.

The Multi-Touch Window Display can give you the extra edge in advertising and draw first-hand attention to the public on what your company has to offer. You can present daily specials and the latest deals in a brilliant LCD Display that will always peak a consumer’s interest.

The best to maximize your way to maximize your ROI is to invest little and gain a lot. The Multi-Touch Window Display can stand the test of time and will continue to produce as long as you have an electrical signal. The message can be visible 24/7 and can show anything that fits your company’s needs at that time.

From Nuworld Industries in South Africa to Full House Salon in Singapore, RichTech continues to gain worldwide recognition as a market leader in the interactive, multi-media industry.