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RichTech Roll Up Digital Banner for Free Eye Screening

Imagine not having to stress over your drawing attention in a public medium in order to promote sales and attendance. Imagine not having to stress over alluring an audience to your events amongst your competitors. These thoughts can be overwhelming, however, we have the solution to relieve that stress: RichTech’s Roll Up Digital Banner. Not only, does it provide needed relaxation in our everyday lives, it uses technology to emphasize the WOW factor that adds “EYE” candy to your advertising which creates a visual effect that gets noticed and remembered.

RichTech Roll Up Digital Banner for Free Eye Screening

RichTech successfully combined an LED marquee with a printed retractable banner and created a one of a kind retractable banner that is unparalleled in the market today. It plays an important role in your business’ market strategy by:

1) High impact with moving full color data to build brand visibility and create more awareness and influence customers’ decisions.
2) Flexibility of creating new content and digital messages. Static signage will wear out.
3) Reducing costs in the long run by saving you shipping, printing, processing, and labor costs. Changing the message on the screen does not involve additional costs, just need a smart phone to update in real-time anywhere remotely.
4) Dynamic and better targeting customizing the messages to give your viewers a fresh experience all the time. You can easily tailor the message to your target audience to ensure that it accurately promotes your services and addresses what your customer wants.

RichTech’s LED Retractable Banner helped the Las Vegas Chinatown Lions Club promote their annual free eye screening to all Las Vegans. We are proud to do our part for the community. As you can SEE, it is clearly visible from a distance and does the job when it comes to getting your point across.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace and with almost everything moving towards the digital world, RichTech gives you that competitive edge by providing an innovative solution to today’s marketing challenges.