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Perfect Match, Make Your Brand to Be Knowable Everywhere
The world of mobile phones is often confusing, with many types and options available. Samsung offers, reputable, high-quality phones at competitive prices. They are constantly changing their phones to reflect consumers’ needs as well as updated technology.

Samsung revolutionized the mobile phone industry by its continued advancement of the smart phone and its applications to make the consumer’s daily life a lot easier to handle. As the leading provider of mobile devices, their brand recognition is extremely important to the success of the company.  

Even with a great product you still need to find different ways to increase brand awareness. Consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize as it is perceived to be less risky for them which may result in less money wasted.

RichTech Roll-up Projection Banner for Samsung

Recently, RichTech was approached by Samsung to provide a unique and innovative solution to promoting their brand. Consumers retrieve the brand in their memory through brand recall. The RichTech Roll-up Projection Banner helped achieve brand recall by displaying visual packaging images through videos on the top half of banner and the bottom half displaying Samsung’s logo, name, and product(s) having a direct impact on a consumer’s choice in mobile phones. The Roll-up Projection Banners’ practicality and diversity makes it a stable in trying to help build a brand name.

RichTech Roll-up Projection Banner for Samsung

The RichTech Roll-up Projection Banner seemed like a perfect match. Not only eye-catching with its modern appearance and to embraces the new trends in phone advertisement world with its unique innovative projection system.