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Using Technology to Gain The Advantage
RichTech’s Roll Up Projection Banner does it once again and integrates another application to its many ongoing to date: Real Estate and Brand Recognition.

When it comes to the real estate industry there is a tendency for an agent to focus on how much money they can make on a sale. The truth of the matter is that can be a facade. The cost of being a being a real estate agent is around $5200 a year. Like any profession, the real estate industry is highly regulated. There are licenses to renew, organizations to join and a variety of other official and professional costs.

RichTech Half Roll Up Projection Banner

The Roll Up Projection Banner is an easy way to increase your brand name without hardly any investment and operational costs. It is very quick to assemble and you can travel from place to place with minimal effort. It also allows much more of an impact on prospects with a visual effect versus the more traditional face to face meeting with lots and lots of paperwork.

These infographics can be projected on the screen to help simplify complex ideas into actionable marketing insight, that you can use right away. In these videos, you can get right to heart of content marketing that will help you grow your business exponentially.

Getting the word out about your real estate business is one of the most difficult aspects to the job. It can be quite expensive especially for new agents trying to make a name for themselves. One of our clients, Real Estate Webmasters in Canada uses half of the static image as the logo of the company and the other half as a dynamic video for a company introduction along with their portfolio. This was an eye catcher for everyone who passed by or visited their booth at their seminars resulting in generating about three times as many leads for them. The Half Roll Up Projection Banner affected 60% of their buyer’s decision even before ever reaching out to them. For agents looking to stay relevant and knowledgeable in a industry that is always changing, RichTech’s Roll Up Projection Banner will give you the advantage you need to stay ahead of the game.