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How to Make a Strong Impression in a Mall

Since 2006, the national population of Qatar has increased by over a million. Megapolis Entertainment Center and their partner real estate powerhouse Parma Group recently approached RichTech and asked us to come up with a creative way of drawing out those customers and increasing overall sales. The decision to make the world’s largest Interactive LCD Screen Wall became a reality. We have gone to great efforts to make Megapolis stand out as the ultimate family entertainment center unique to any other in the Middle East.

This project actually broke two world records:
1)Largest Multimedia Interactive LCD Screen Wall
2)Largest Multi-Touch Screen

Largest Multimedia Interactive LCD Screen Wall - RichTech System

This masterpiece consisted of 126 individual pieces of 46” extra light, ultrathin LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Big as an IMAX, visual effects can match that of any 4K resolution, and it supports interaction of several individuals simultaneously.

The LCD Wall includes five interactive areas, each area creating a different type of scenarios. For example, the Augmented Reality area, in one instance you may be on at the ocean swimming with dolphins and in another instance a lifelike elephant will appear running towards you and your natural reaction would be to get out of its pathway. The Interactive Wall area allows you to use your sense of touch to wave your hand across it and have flowers blooming at your fingertips.

Augmented Reality - Dolphins

Augmented Reality - Elephant

Interactive Wall - Flowers Blooming

Megapolis Entertainment Center is Qatar’s latest and unparalleled world of fun. It is a comprehensive commercial district combined with dining, shopping, and live entertainment. The addition of the LCD Wall brought the experience to another level, though. Customers are shocked on the size and length of the wall. It is not only a massive in structure, but also passes as a locator for retail shops, display for today specials, and daily promotions, as well as, outlet for children to play virtual reality games. Every passerby cannot help but be drawn and captivated by the ambience it gives. Megapolis has become world-renown as “the” place to bring the family and friends in Doha. The client directly attributes this fact with The Interactive LCD Screen Wall and is eternally grateful. There was a dramatic increase in patrons resulting in a boost in the overall economy for the mall. Everyone must go and visit to experience it first-hand. Words and pictures do not give it justice. It is truly an amazing piece of artwork!

Interactive LCD Screen - RichTech System

What RichTech can do for you, is only limited by your imagination. We have 16 years of finding solutions for clients that crosses over 150 countries worldwide.  Using the combination of experience and technology we supply the whole package to our clients from strategic design of a project to installation and configuration. And, we always make it plan to provide continued education and training on all of our products and services. We at RichTech accredit our longevity to a philosophy of strong ethical business practices and building a brand recognized all over the world as one that makes things happen!