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RichTech’s New Multi-Touch Window Brings Displays to Life

A Revolutionary New Promotional Tool

A hair salon in Singapore recently asked RichTech for a way to make the shop’s glass more unique for promotional purposes. RichTech responded with a new multi-touch foil system which provides a distinctive look and a lot of interactivity for passerbys. By using this multi-touch foil along with some good marketing sensibilities, the hair salon turned into a unique location that drew a lot of attention throughout the local area. Here’s a quick rundown of how successful this product was and how it might be able to be adapted to other businesses, be they related to style or something else.

The Interactive Foil at Work

RichTech carefully designed the multi-touch foil with the needs of the requesting business in mind. The kiosk at the salon was a 32-inch LCD screen that had a built-in computer. For the sake of stability, the display was placed on a 4.26-foot stand. From there, the technicians customized the product so it would display the information the salon wanted to show to customers. In this case, this level of customization included an introduction of the salon and promotional material that played when customers touched the glass. Had this product been designed for another business, it would have been very easy to alter the material playing to suit that company’s needs. For example, a restaurant could have displayed a menu, games, or other promotional material with some minor changes to the software. To help protect the product, the multi-touch foil was posted in the salon’s window.

Features of the Foil

The product uses an induction method that allows for what RichTech calls zero pressure touch. That means that people can use the touch foil in the salon’s window without leaving fingerprints or risking any damage to the touch foil. Depending on the needs of the business, the product can be placed on the inside or outside of the glass. As for the foil itself, it is very durable, resistant to both water and high temperatures. The foil allows the display to operate without borders, which makes the images that appear on it more artistic-looking and attractive. In terms of content, businesses can choose almost any selection of images and video desires, including customized brand pictures, an introduction to the place of business, service contents, and much more. The possibilities for use with this touch foil design are nearly endless.

Providing Customized Content

In the case of this application of RichTech’s touch foil technology, the product was used to help promote a hair salon. Because of that, all the specifications were customized to fit the needs of that industry. That is not to say, however, that future products in this line can’t be altered to fit different businesses. Some of RichTech’s other products have appeared at shopping malls, coffee shops, five-star hotels, and more. If you have a special request or a unique product in mind that you would like to see, feel free to reach out to RichTech. Odds are very good that the team of talented installers will meet your needs with patience and creativity.