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Home Solutions RichTech Provides New Solution for Interactive Bar Table
RichTech Provides New Solution for Interactive Bar Table

The bar known as the Junction, which is surrounded by Ivy League universities, recently provided a new challenge to RichTech. The bar wanted a way to make the system more interactive and appealing. After some consideration, RichTech responded by producing the new Interactive Bar system. This system offers new and exciting ways for customers to enjoy an evening out.


Improving on Earlier Success

The new Interactive Bar represents an improvement on a previous product that the Junction had used to great effect. In this case, the bar was a top-projection model that was further customized using our interactive technology. The final version of the bar measured a total of 5.46 meters long by 0.7 meters wide. The bar is simple to set up and can fit into a relatively small space if needed. When put into action, the bar drew a lot of attention from patrons who enjoyed seeing the different programs and games that were available. With the projection lamps placed overhead, the establishment was able to turn a simple blank bar space into something that served as the center of attention during a busy night. This means that the bar became something more than just a social venue – it became a central part of the conversation.

before install the interactive bar system


after install the interactive bar system


Design Drawing of Interactive Bar for Junction

Design Drawing of Interactive Bar for Junction

The Effects of the Interactive System

The individual effects of the system can be altered to fit an individual establishment’s needs. In the case of the Junction, one of the Interactive Bar’s most popular features was to have beautiful flowers start to bloom when a customer moved a hand over the bar’s surface or placed a glass on it. Virtual fish swam through a water pattern on the bar and would dart away when customers tried to touch them. There were also numerous interactive games included, allowing people who were drinking or eating at the bar to remain entertained even after becoming used to the other fascinating effects. In the case of this particular client, the heavy emphasis on nature themes helped to bring a calming sense of nature to an otherwise busy bar. This can be a great way to give a business a different feel than what people normally expect.

the effects of Interactive Bar for Junction

Overwhelmingly Positive Client Feedback

I was a new RichTech customer, and I made a comparison of the services offered by RichTech and several other similar options. RichTech had a terrific reputation from other customers and an affordable price point, so I chose to go with them for the Interactive Bar. The end result was very positive. The installation was easy, the effects were very impressive, and I was provided with terrific after-sales support. The RichTech technicians who helped me began the project by asking for a picture of the bar so they could customize the solution to meet my needs. This was a huge success that I am happy to share. I was even interviewed by our local media some time ago.

As a whole, the RichTech Interactive Bar met with remarkable success and helped to improve the reaction of customers who entered the area. With a very satisfied client, this particular design can be considered to be a huge success.