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Home Solutions 12” Vertical Showcase for France Wine
12” Vertical Showcase for France Wine

12” Vertical Showcase for France Wine

Client: Flashpoints

Product: Transparent LCD Showcase

Date: May., 2014


We customized a special 12” LCD showcase for the famous wine brand in France, Flashpoints. It vivid demonstrated the possibilities of a 12” transparent LCD showcase. Normal showcase are placed horizontally instead of vertically and this special design is more inline with the brand image as well the inside wine. Although it is just a small tweak, it saves spaces for our client and brings more business opportunities for our client.

Client Feedback:

The transparent LCD showcase is a excellent product with advance technology,  user-friendly and flexibility. RichTech has a very strong support team who are efficient in speed and accuracy. Customized designs and effects received excellent positive feedback and increase our sales.