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Transparent Projection Film in Jewel Chains

Client: Alarmatronic

Product: Rear Projection Film
Date: April, 2014

Alarmatronic, a partner of jewel stores in Middle East. It adopted the film on the window of the store. The window became a video screen, displaying videos about new design rings or latest news about the brand. Everything is displayed in a more dynamic way instead of a static way, which is very eye catching for every customer. And this new method of turning a normal window into a digital signage proves very successful in increasing at least 20% revenue for the chain.

Client Feedback:

I am always looking for something different for advertising. RichTech rear projection film is exactly what I need! Low price but can create infinite profits. As a advertising tool, I hope customers can be attracted and come into my store. RichTech projection film does excellently, even better than I expect. I am planning to order more.