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Multi-Screen Linkage System Impacts How People Consume Information

With the popularity and application of newer and better technology, today’s consumer is no longer staring at the TV or simply checking their Facebook page. RichTech was faced with this challenge by clients...

Interactive Window Display Turns Heads

Have you ever thought to yourself I walked by this place a hundred times and did not know it even existed? Do you think others may say the same about your business?

RichTech Roll Up Digital Banner for Free Eye Screening

RichTech successfully combined an LED marquee with a printed retractable banner and created a one of a kind retractable banner that is unparalleled in the market today. It plays an important role in your business’ market strategy by:

Cheers to Being A Child Again!

In 1760, William Hamley noticed that in and around England, there was not a quality toy shop for children to play with each other and see the latest inventions by toy makers. He set to make his dream a reality, to open the finest Toy Shop in the worl

Perfect Match, Make Your Brand to Be Knowable Everywhere

The world of mobile phones is often confusing, with many types and options available. Samsung offers, reputable, high-quality phones at competitive prices. They are constantly changing their phones to reflect consumers’ needs as well as updated techn