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Reports from RichTech`s Participation at SGI Dubai

The 17th annual SGI Dubai show ran from January 7th through January 9th, 2014. This show represents the largest and longest running trade show in the Middle East for fields such as signage, graphic imaging, and digital printing. RichTech was on site

RichTech’s Interactive Floor Helps your Kids Learn

Studies show that children work best when they can make a game out of their education. With RichTech’s Interactive Floor, you will be able to provide your children with a chance to have fun while they are learning. You can choose an interactive game

New LCD Interactive Bar Product

Richtech Systems has recently finished development on the interactive LCD bar. This product features an LCD screen in the place of projectors with a computer installed underneath of the bar to control the LCD display. This newly released product is o

Multi-Touch Table with Air Gesture Control

Among RichTech’s most exciting new projects has been a customized 55-inch multi-touch table with air gesture control. This new product offers a lot of different brand promotion possibilities, and is extremely easy to customize to the individual needs

RichTech’s Roll Up Projection Banner Technology is the Multimedia Display of Choice

Roll Up projection banner technology made by RichTech is now what shop owners are choosing to use in their display cases. This leading edge technology is replacing multimedia display technologies such as LCD and LED displays, which simply cannot comp