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Friendly immersive physical training interactive floor system for kids in Russia

Encourage children to participate in safe physical training rather than focusing on cell-phones or video games, this is what most parents expect to see. RichTech Interactive Floor System provide solutions for Russia education institutions.

Personal customized interactive floor system for bathroom in Hawaii

A boring bathroom? A featureless house? RichTech Interactive Floor System will help you to make your life lively.

VR and Kinect Sensory System by RichTech - Successful application at IFA in Berlin

RichTech-developed VR and Kinect Sensory System have been chosen by TCL Group, China’s biggest electric appliance company, to showcase and promote its washing machine and refrigerator at IFA in Berlin this summer.

What is Interactive Climbing Wall? You can’t miss it!

RichTech’s interactive climbing wall is the first brand who has intergraded multimedia interactive function with the indoor climbing wall. Since the game is on the market, it has received good and positive feedback among participants, especially from

How the Right Device Can Promote Your Child’s Well-Being

RichTech’s Interactive Floor System is an extraordinary apparatus that has been implemented into several implementations worldwide. A key utilization was to encourage the development of children and assist in their growth as individuals, via children