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Roll Up Projection Banner


RichTech's roll up projection banner, a world-wide patented invention, which has the same construction of a traditional retractable banner and combined with a projector, is an eye-catching display that will guarantee you the attention you want. No more printing! Simply change videos and images as ofter as you want by use of an SD card.

There are two different types of our projection banner – half screen and full screen versions. The half screen version has one-half cloth and the other half a projector surface, while the full screen version uses the whole screen for projection. To meet the need of flexibility and high clarity, RichTech System has developed new update for roll up projection banner. One of the biggest improvement in this new version is that the projection area no longer has any limits. You can decide to place your advertisement on any area of the banner. It is even possible to customize the shape of the projection.

1. 100″display area, eye-catching and memorable
2. One time cost for the system
3. Quick assembly, start the show in just 1 minute
4. At least 5 years’ service life

- Advertising and Exhibition

Roll Up Projection Banner Applying in Advertising and Exhibition

- Wedding

Roll Up Projection Banner Applying in Wedding

Modern Appearance - Roll Up Projection Banner


          Modern Appearance

                    The projection banner has a very modern and stylish

                    appearance that really catches the eye of an audience.

                    Its appearance reveals that it is an innovative, high-tech

                    product. Having a roll up projection banner makes a great

                    first impression for users of any kind in virtually any setting.

Quick Assembly - Roll Up Projection Banner

      Quick Assembly

            This banner is extremely easy and fast to assemble.

            The entire package can be assembled within 5 minutes,

            even by those without any technical background

            whatsoever. All of the instructions for the assembly

            procedure come with the package, and are very easy to follow.

Portable - Roll Up Digital Banner


              Everything needed for the projection banner

              stores conveniently in a wheeled bag. This

              makes it extremely portable and easy to

              carry around to different settings. It is also very

              light, although the exact weight is determined

              by the size of banner chosen.

Diverse Uses

This banner can be used in many different settings, allowing it to be even more cost-effective and practical.

Whether it is used for advertising, education, information or anything else, the banner’s uses

are only limited by the user’s imagination. This makes the purchase of the banner

a great choice for a variety of consumers.

Diverse Uses - Roll Up Projection Banner

Different Sizes Available - Roll Up Projection Banner

Different Sizes Available

Depending on the user’s application, there are a variety of

different sizes of banners available. Users who prefer a

smaller size for more intimate settings can easily order

what is needed. At the same time, for larger audiences,

users can order much larger roll up banner packages.


Instead of having a number of different printed banners, users can simply order the projection banner. This means that it

can be used time and time again without the added cost or inconvenience of having it reprinted. It is also an

extremelyhigh-quality product with at least five years of service life.