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Roll Up Digital Banner

Are you worried about your advertising can not be seen because there were so many people in the street? Are you worried about your advertising are not attractive enough among a number of strong competitors? If you have our Roll Up Digital Banner, you will not have to worry about anymore. RichTech's Roll Up Digital Banner is a revolutionary design in the banner industry, which is unique in the market. It will help you to  show your advertising in an amazing way and attract a large number of customers.

RichTech roll up digital banner is an innovative banner compared with the normal roll up banner. Instead of having a static printed image on the banner, the roll up digital banner can display information more dynamic on the digital signage board whatever the user wants. Besides the dynamic information display, there also has a wireless speaker provides natural sound to attract customers. All the above mentioned has a great contribution to increase your product exposure. However, the most humanized design of the banner is its convenient and powerful power bank, up 40 working hrs, so you will never worry about the emergency of lacking power in a event or exhibition anymore. There are two different types of this product available from RichTech System - model S version and model L version. The width of model S version is 23.6"/60cm, while the model L versions is 31.5"/80cm.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of roll up digital banner:
1. New design, unique in the market
2. Integrate static advertising into amazing dynamic and voiced experience
3. With a fivefold attraction in drawing customers' attention
4. Easy to install and convenient to use
5. Compact size to transport
6. Free printing

increase your product exposure

Why Become the Distributor of RichTech Roll Up Digital Banner?


dynamic information display of roll up digital banner

  Dynamic Information Display

      LED signage board transforms static information

    into dynamic, supporting 6000 characters in display,

    making your advertising more colorful.

      5000mAh battery, up to 12 working hrs
      Global languages supported
      8 text effects
      6 playback speed
      4 levels of brightness adjustment
      16*128 dot matrix display

powerful natural sound of roll up digital banner

   Powerful Natural Sound

        Music from speaker catches customers’attention

     around the banner with effective wireless network

     connections to your phone, tablet or other devices

     via bluetooth.

       4W output power
       10 meters bluetooth connection
       Audio source (PC/Pad/Smart Phone supported)

roll up digital banner is a convenient and powerful power supplier


  Convenient and Powerful Power


      Power bank charger provides power supply for

    LED signage board and wireless speaker. Supplying

    power for your Phone, Pad, MP4 at anytime.

      9600mAh battery, up to 40 working hrs
      4 USB outputs
      Pad/Smart Phone/Mp4 supported


Anti high temperature Anti short circuit, Waterproof power

the security of roll up digital banner

roll up digital banner is portable


         Everything needed for the roll up

         digital banner can be stored

         conveniently in a bag, which is

         extremely portable.


The banner is extremely easy and fast to assemble.
One person can easily make the whole installation within 1 minute.

installation of roll up digital banner