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RichTech AR@LED

Augmented Reality can be considered to lie on a Reality-Virtuality Continuum between the Real Environment and Virtual Environment. Recently, we combine our Augmented Reality software with a large LED screen to create an engaging experience which captivates and amazes audiences of all ages. By using HD Video capture and our software, the audience will see themselves on the large screen. This will attract large crowds and participate in the interaction. Suddenly, out of nowhere appears stunningly realistic 3D content which gives the illusion of things appearing right next to the audience and interacting with them.

Generally, because of the technology has some issues in large outdoor environments, companies limit their interactive ads to indoor locations such as shopping malls or exhibit halls. But now, by using the large LED display in conjunction with RichTech AR technology, the above problem is readily solved. You can show off your products at outdoor gatherings and giving people at these events something to interact with, instead of making them watch the same video again and again. In short, whether it’s indoors in a shopping mall or outdoors at an event, we can create an interactive system that’s designed to impress.

Place Available:
- Outdoor Advertising /Events
- Entertainment Park
- Museum
- Shopping Mall

We've got a team of experienced project managers, content creators, technical engineers and network administrators ready for your idea.
The service we provide:
1. Provide hardware and professional software design
2. Customize personal effects according to the resolution of your LED screen
3. Supply a complete AR@LED solution based on your requirements and circumstance condition
This is a great way to make customers active participants in your brand rather than just relying on them to passively watch your ads. It can also be modified to fit multiple different industries. Further customization is possible, as RichTech often takes the time to refine and improve, in order to get the best ideas.

Double Interactive Experience


    Double Interactive


        With large LED screen and amazing 3D effects,

        give you an immersive and impressive

        interactive experience.

Strong Attraction

Strong Attraction

Seize the audience`s curiosity and attention

in the first time, instantly attract large crowds

and participate in the interaction.

Real-time Interactive - RichTech Augmented Reality

     Real-time Interactive

          Not only can achieve real-time interaction

          between virtual images and people, but

          also achieve real-time interaction

          among different virtual images.

Blend Real and Virtual

The system implements a combination of virtual reality, giving audiences a visual surprise sensory experience.

Blend Real and Virtual - RichTech AR@LED