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Multi-Screen Linkage System Impacts How People Consume Information

With the popularity and application of newer and better technology, today’s consumer is no longer staring at the TV or simply checking their Facebook page. RichTech was faced with this challenge by clients...

Interactive Window Display Turns Heads

Have you ever thought to yourself I walked by this place a hundred times and did not know it even existed? Do you think others may say the same about your business?

Using Technology to Gain The Advantage

RichTech’s Roll Up Projection Banner does it once again and integrates another application to its many ongoing to date: Real Estate and Brand Recognition. When it comes to the real estate industry there is a tendency for an agent to focus on how

RichTech Provides a Virtual Tour for Real Estate

RichTech recently showed off a new application of its virtual reality technology by providing individuals in the real estate industry to host a virtual tour. Rather than requiring potential homebuyers to visit the house site itself, RichTech’s equipm