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16/11/17Play to Learn with RichTech’s Interactive Floor

In September, a public kindergarten in Jinan City, Shandong, purchased two units of RichTech’s Interactive Floor System, one is installed in the teaching room, the other is in the playing hall.

“Children of 3-6 years old are difficult to focus in class longer than 10 minutes. RichTech’s Floor System effectively helps to create attention, engagement in class and improve enthusiasm for learning.” The kindergarten teacher commented, “I witnessed how children exercised hand-eye coordination and body movement while making interactive actively with each other, while also teaching contents being given at the same time”. “When children are much engaged in class, they’re more excited to ask questions immediately. Even some children didn’t ask, I saw curiosity in there eyes”.

RichTech’s floor effects cover wide range of knowledge points of different areas, teachers are free to choose the best contents according to curriculum. Content of all effects are graphic, visual and auditory, it helps to bring complicated and abstract subject lifelike, making learning much easier than traditional teaching.

Mrs. Ding, director of the kindergarten said, “We’re expecting to see how much RichTech’s Interactive Floor System will benefit teachers at teaching and children when playing to learn”.

RichTech is going to attend 2018 BETT in London in January 2018, please feel free to contact us for details.