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09/11/17How technology helps my business?

Mr. Zhang is the owner of Qi Bao Kids Playground at a shopping mall in Shanghai city, he was looking for a product which has good interactive function. “ I hope the games can be played by more kids at the same time to benefit my turnover”. Mr. Zhang purchased one unit of RichTech’s ceiling version Interactive Floor system in March, among a few similar products, and installed it the next month in his playground.

- Turnover Increased

“To my surprise, almost every kid who came to my playground chose to play the floor games because the games and interaction were new to them.” Mr. Zhang said. “They played much crazily when more kids joined in, which was out of my expectation”.

“In most cases, kids played more than three games at one purchase. Chicken Run are the most popular games among all kids”. The Interactive Floor System which Mr. Zhang bought in March contained 30 different games but many kids stuck to Chicken-theme games, Mr. Zhang told his technicians to keep Chicken games running at most time of business hours.

- Easy Operation

When asked if it is difficult to install and operate the system, Mr. Zhang answered calmly, “I had this worry very much at the time when I bought the product from RichTech because I have limited knowledge about software and high technology. I told my technicians to follow up the instruction manual carefully, it seems the system is running smoothly so far and I wasn’t told of any installation difficulties and maintenance issues so far, so I’m happy with it”.

To help clients at installation and operation, RichTech supplies not only instruction manual but also video to make the installation and operation as easy as possible. Program and games are pre-installed when delivery, what you need to do after installation is, plug in and play.

- Unlimited Games

After the Interactive Floor System operated for about one month, RichTech’s sales manager contacted Mr. Zhang, asking if Ai Bao Playground need more new games and Mr. Zhang selected another 10 games from the Game List at very reasonable price. “Normally I won’t expect much after I pay, but my experience with RichTech was exciting, I’m able to update the games when needed, which brings big added value to the unit I bought, in a long term”.

RichTech’s Game Library contains over 300 games of different themes. All games are developed by RichTech. Background images, music and elements prescribed of most games can be customized, clients can choose to DIY their own games easily when following up the instructions provided. Wide range of themes make it possible to meet demand of different occasions. Every month, RichTech is able to release 10-20 new games, some newly released games are shown here for quick review.

Read this article to see how technology of RichTech’s Interactive Floor System has helped a kids playground in Shanghai city to increase turnover. If you want to know much how RichTech’s technology can benefit you, please free free to contact us.