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Home News How can an ordinary free space be turned into an exciting playground in a second?
24/10/17How can an ordinary free space be turned into an exciting playground in a second?

If you’re still struggling that you can not take kids to playground because of limited time, RichTech’s mobile version of Interactive Floor System can clear off your headache and make it happen for you just in a few seconds.

Interactive floor mobile version, invented by RichTech originally, is the first amusement product, among all competitors in the market, to successfully change traditional way of a fixed site as playground to be an unique fun-filled space either personally or shared with friends, very rapidly and efficiently.

The only thing you need to do is, to find a free space of 1.5m x 2m or bigger, ideally indoor, and move our mobile version unit at the place, plug in and then play. Short-lens fish-eye camera, pre-installed with projector, is able to give all game scenes as vivid and clear as in real life, and as big as possible. 4-6 kids can play straightaway and interactive with characters of each game as long as they like.

RichTech’s interactive games cover a very wide range of themes, such as Crazy Chicken, monster, dinosaur, space, pirates, soccer, aquarium, Christmas, Halloween etc.. Our effect game library contains over 300 games so there is no worry that you run out of games after your first purchase with us.

The system is free installation and quite easy to operate even if you do not have any technical skills or experiences, we can also supply video to help you if you have difficulties. Computer and projector of the system is capable of being operated by remote control.

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