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12/09/17More Crazy Chicken Playground Game Effects Coming Soon

Interactive features are available in all games at Crazy Chicken Playground, RichTech has developed all gaming software and holds copyright on its codes.

The most popular games in the park are interactive slide, interactive floor, ocean ball, trampoline, rock climbing etc. We use interactive projector to cast effects on the ground or wall with high simulation of real world sound effects, action capture device can precisely capture player`s body movement, so they can have real-time interactive experience with characters in the game. All game comes with single player or multi-player option. Size of playing area varies depends on screen size and game content.

Combining traditional entertainment gaming equipment with our interactive solutions is a great innovation in amusement entertainment. RichTech`s Crazy Chicken Playground is by far the best combination of all functional games in this type, with playing area of more than 5400 sqft and suitable for player age ranging from 18 months to 18 years old.

Recently released new game effects includes:

Snipe monsters:

Every minute counts:

Crazy football:

Penalty shootout:

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