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17/08/17Fun with Interactive Drawing Wall

Richtech’s Crazy Chicken Interactive Drawing Wall in Shanghai Qibao shopping mall includes board drawing, finger drawing, hand drawing, and puzzle drawing. The games are projected onto the walls, accompanying by background music, which creates a perfect 3D environment for all painters. In every game, there are different drawing sections, between 3-5 mins. Our projections are at least 100 inches or bigger, painting frame in such a wide size allows 3-5 children to enjoy the experience and fun at the same time.


Every drawing section can be adjusted to meet the actual need of each event (longer or shorter time frames). The background music can also be changed. Richtech’s self-developed software creates a convenient platform to provide DIY to everyone. The Interactive Drawing Wall can be used at various locations for different events and purposes.

After every unique creation is made, the painters can take photos together to save and share this special moment. 

Our Interactive Drawing Wall includes games like Mr. Octopus, Star Connection, Animal Footprint, Crazy Puzzle, and more. Every game has its own unique operation interface. One purchase of RichTech’s Interactive Drawing Wall can have dozens of different painting templates for kids to make drawings, it is a worthwhile buy.

We can also provide customized solutions per request. You can have your own exclusive games in just 15 days.