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Home News RichTech’s Realinside Games Are Hot this Summer
02/08/17RichTech’s Realinside Games Are Hot this Summer

All systems of games in the playground are developed and created fully with interactive multimedia functions. It supplies an extraordinary way for kids not only to exercise physically but also to make fun with each other, which differentiates Crazy Chicken games from all traditional amusement equipment.

Realinside’s are among the most popular games in the playground and very hot this summer. The built-in technology allows players to be merged completely into the games, they can see themselves appear in the actual scene in front of them and interact with the virtual animation of the games, so players play the same role as the animated characters of the games, which definitely brings unlimited fun.

The games, accompanying by excellent sound effects, are projected on the wall, kids can choose to make interaction by hands or ocean balls to win different scores. The amazing experience will make players deeply immersed, different levels of games suit kids from 18 months to 18 years old. Theme of the games vary from soccer, jungle, pirates, deep ocean, monster to space, dinosaur etc., which creates much opportunities for kids to choose from. All games practise speed, strength, balance, agility and coordination a lot, which are the fundamental skills in everyday life nowadays.

RichTech has developed more than 250 different game templates, many of them are three dimensional. We can also customize games when requested. If you want to make your playground as hot as Crazy Chicken, come and join in us quickly!