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Home News Bounce with RichTech’s Crazy Chicken Trampoline!
12/07/17Bounce with RichTech’s Crazy Chicken Trampoline!

Nowadays, trampoline is more than a convenient alternative to the gym center but a popular enjoyment for people of all ages. Doing it often can lower blood pressure, improve health and also help lose weight. You may have much experience of taking indoor trampoline, have you ever taken interactive trampoline? RichTech is the first company in the world who has integrated multimedia interactive technology with indoor trampoline, which turns this traditional popular activity to a much recreational one so brings endless fun to players.

RichTech Interactive Trampoline

RichTech Crazy Chicken Playground has started operation since March 2017, which is under license of MOORHUHN, the famous German brand worldwide for pc games. Trampoline has proved to be one of the best games which attracts players most. Game is projected on the wall in front of the players, players jump and jump to make interactions by hands or arms with characters of the game to win scores. Strong team collaboration is needed if you’re going to win the highest score of each round. Each game is designed to between 120-180 seconds.

Chicken Astronauts explore to build up space station, players jump and wave hands to greet them. Soccer is always the most popular one among all games, just jump and touch the ball to shoot at the goal. There are over 10 different templates of games developed by RichTech for trampoline right now, all games have been pre-installed into the hardware when delivery. You’re also welcome to ask your own games and we’ll be able to make customization for you within 15 days.

RichTech Interactive Trampoline - Space Station

RichTech Interactive Trampoline - Soccer

RichTech Crazy Chicken trampoline game is able to offer you unlimited fun and unbelievable new experience. Our trampoline games cover a wide range of themes, which suits special events, team building, league construction and parties etc..

Once you make a choice, we’ll make it happen to you. Are you ready to take a try?