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Home News How the Interactive Floor can Make "Crazy Chicken" Playground Crazy Up?
21/06/17How the Interactive Floor can Make "Crazy Chicken" Playground Crazy Up?

Recently, RichTech incorporated the world-famous “Crazy Chicken”, the ones from Germany, with over 100 million downloads, with Children’s Indoor Sports Park and created “Interactive Multimedia Playground”. This fostered a unique way for children to exercise their bodies, as well as, their minds allowing them to mold themselves physically and spiritually in a safe and secure environment. The physical aspect was simple: aerobic endurance, speed, strength, balance, and coordination that is essential for everyday life of a child, but merging, new, fresh interactive technology to stimulate the mind was pure genius.

Crazy Chicken

In Interactive Floor Game, also named “Atlantis”, you can touch the picture projected on the floor with your feet to fight the floating Crazy Chickens and find the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

RichTech "Crazy Chicken" - Interactive Floor

Now, RichTech has developed large number of different templates and unlimited effects, many of which are three dimensional, which adds to the experience. Some of the interactive floor effects are designed to entertain kids, although these effects can potentially be modified for adults as well. The purpose of these effects is to help children learn the process of interaction, which can make it easier to introduce them to the interactive floor as a learning tool.

Interactive Floor System for Estonia Kids Center

RichTech Interactive Floor System is quite an amazing product! The benefits are endless. Not only will it help in the development of your children but will help in the growth of your businesses.