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Home News The Crazy Chickens are Crazier Than Ever in the Interactive Multimedia Playground and Game of the Brave!
20/04/17The Crazy Chickens are Crazier Than Ever in the Interactive Multimedia Playground and Game of the Brave!
As adults, we realize that the real future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren. Our first priority should be their health and well-being. We know that the increase in processed foods, super-sweetened soda, and heavy school workloads have contributed to a stagnant lifestyle for today’s youth. It is important for children to get of the house and take a break from the monotony.

RichTech incorporated the world-famous “Crazy Chicken”, the ones from Germany, with over 100 million downloads, with Children’s Indoor Sports Park and created “Interactive Multimedia Playground”. This fostered a unique way for children to exercise their bodies, as well as, their minds allowing them to mold themselves physically and spiritually in a safe and secure environment. The physical aspect was simple: aerobic endurance, speed, strength, balance, and coordination that is essential for everyday life of a child, but merging, new, fresh interactive technology to stimulate the mind was pure genius.

Crazy Chicken - Interactive Multimedia Playground

In “Game of the Brave”, this time the crazy chickens are staging props in order for you to progress to the next stage. In the projection video that can be used for rock climbing walls you gather gold coins and solve tons of brain teasing scenarios for bonus points while climbing to the top of the wall. Interactive effects such as waterfalls and apples falling from trees add to increased sensory perception for the child. Continuous single play mode keeps the challenge going and going for the individual child and the multi-player mode promotes a friendly competition between peers to get the highest score. In either mode, the voices, expressions, and animation maintain a level of excitement that never ends for hours and hours of fun entertainment for the entire family.

Game of the Brave - Teasure Bowl - RichTech

Game of the BraveTeasure Bowl

Game of the Brave - Pick Apples - RichTech

Game of the BravePick Apples

Rest assured, every one of the magical moments in the “Interactive Multimedia Playground” and “Game of the Brave” serve as reminders that RichTech has created something special that will leave a direct impact on your children’s lifestyles and mind frames. Anything can be fun with a little mix of creativity and technology.