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Home News Virtual Reality Opens Eyes and Brings People Together
25/11/16Virtual Reality Opens Eyes and Brings People Together

RichTech sucessful organized an event of a lifetime - Doraemon IP Show,  which use its own independent technology and obtained authorization from Japan, to provide customers with an unprecedented interactive new experiences.

Doraemon IP Show

Some of the favorite attractions consisted of life-size Doraemon dolls to take your best pose and pictures with and two Virtual Reality zones. RichTech added eye tracking sensors, gaming controllers, and an interactive pod which created a real life experience that is unparalleled by any thrill ride. Imagine you are on a space voyage to Mars and you are destined to save the universe, flying through the stars with the greatest of ease. Imagine you are a Viking sailing the seven seas looking for treasure. The feeling of every movement, drop, curve, bump, and turn as if you were right there in person. Incorporation of Virtual Reality and a variety of movie characters made every children’s dream come true in a Virtual Reality museum. It would only be fitting that this zone be called “A Dream.” Another zone gave children the ability to be creative with their minds. They were given a canvas to work on and painted all kinds of sea creatures. Their pieces of artwork were then scanned onto an Interactive Wall System and came to life. Swimming around in the ocean, the sea creatures swam up to the children displaying each or their handy work personally signed by them. Again, appropriately named “Livesea”.

Virtual Reality at Doraemon IP Show

Virtual Reality at Doraemon IP Show

Creating “Livesea” at Doraemon IP Show

“Livesea” at Doraemon IP Show

Virtual reality is here to stay.  2016 is the year when it has become mainstream. Every day technology moves upward at a rapid pace and digital media is being integrated in much of what we do. RichTech always captures the moment and keeps ahead of the game by providing, fresh, new innovative solutions. The event brought businesses together and people of all ages together in one common theme: togetherness through technology.