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11/10/16New Trends in Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions can be traditional, or they can be full of unique twists and surprises! There’s no written rule that every part of your wedding has to be traditional, including the flowers, decoration, food, cake, and more. Nowadays, wedding receptions are more different than ever…


Roll up projection banner- full screen in wedding


You probably remember seeing photos of your parents’ wedding. They likely had classic cars pulled up in front of the church with tin cans hanging from the rear bumper and a sign reading, “Just Got Married.” Nowadays at mostly wedding receptions, you might see a dessert bar full of cookies or cupcakes; a colorful candy bar; or an unfrosted wedding cake.

As for the decorations, you might not even see flowers at all. You might see rustic decor that’s on the more casual side, decor to match the theme of the wedding, balloons, and more. What you do not want is to pick something that will fade away into the room because of the size of it and overpower the space to make it feel smaller. Centerpieces are a huge statement and can set the tone. New reception trends are taking over the wedding industry by storm. The ideas are endless.

RichTech provided a Full Roll up Projection Banner to Corpo Scultura Body Sculpting Spa, a company in Mexico. In this case, their client used it as a unique display that played the video of their wedding during their reception. Along with an arrangement of flowers and other framed pictures it made a beautiful center piece for attendees to view before they entered the room. Not only was this cost effective for the bride and groom but actually did the trick is in a memorable experience for everyone. It made a difference in making the room have that wow factor. Remember, you have to go too crazy or spend a lot, to get the desired effect.