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Home News RichTech Introduces Exciting New Four-Side Hologram Showcase
02/03/15RichTech Introduces Exciting New Four-Side Hologram Showcase

Infinite Production Receives Highly Anticipate New Hologram Showcase

RichTech recently introduced a new product known as a 4-side hologram showcase, which may revolutionize the way companies promote their brands. The client, Infinite Production, requested an integrated holographic platform that utilizes the most advanced image processing technologies available. The result was this new device, which made its debut in the country of Turkey. The showcase is a fully integrated holographic platform that uses those technologies with a modern showcase setup. The goal behind this new technology is to provide a way for companies to promote their products in a new and advanced manner. By offering a new way for companies to do this, they can also reach out to different customers who might not otherwise have had a chance to connect with that brand. Overall, the product was well-received, indicating a successful launch.

The Showcase at a Glance

So what exactly is this product? In a nutshell, it is a 22-inch four-side version of RichTech’s previous hologram showcase product with a black base. The size of the product can be intimidating, but in practice it is actually very steady and safe. The use of a four-sided version of the showcase allows holographic options that previously never existed. Rather than relying on two-dimensional imagery which many customers might find unappealing, this product can create dazzling 3D pictures. This allows for more audience focus and a better overall look for any brand the company chooses to feature. A few of the possible places where this particular showcase might be able to reinvent brands for the better include museums, pavilions, shop windows, exhibition advertising, and much more. Each of these options provides the perfect combination of a large place to use the showcase and an ever-changing audience that needs to be reached. With some careful planning, the showcase can be used to reinvigorate your base customers while drawing new eyes who might be very interested in learning more about your brand.

Showcase Customization Options

In addition to the function presented above for the hologram showcase, the product can also be customized in numerous ways. For example, the four-side version which has just been introduced can be converted into an inverted pyramid shape for companies that wish to add an unusual twist to their presentations. The showcase can also be modified to fit other business needs as necessary. This includes changing the size and version of the device, with such options as a one-side and three-side version also available. The goal is to make sure that all customization requests are met in a manner which ensures that the customer’s vision is delivered in full. All you need to do is set the requirements and let a team of professionals take over. If you have other unique or unusual options which aren’t provided here, all you have to do is ask.