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28/05/14New Presented Multi-Touch Table with 32 Point Touch

RichTech, makers of several different types of interactive tables, has unveiled its newest offering, the 55 inch Multi-Touch Table. This table includes a multi-touch screen with 32 point touch, allowing users an amazing level of interactivity and man

28/05/14Show Off Your eBook with RichTech’s Customized eBook System

RichTech’s customized eBook system is a new way to show off your book in bookstores, at conventions, and in shopping malls. The system uses a projector and computer which are placed on the floor. The projector reads the book from the computer, and th

28/05/14RichTech’s Top Projection Interactive Bar A Way to Maximize Features

The RichTech Interactive Bar can be configured in a variety of different ways. In the top projection setup, the equipment is all located above the bar. This includes the computer, projector, and video capture unit. This configuration requires the mos

28/05/14RichTech’s Rear Projection Interactive Bar For an Authentic Bar Experience

The rear projection configuration of the RichTech Interactive Bar is very useful if you want to keep things extremely compact and provide an authentic bar experience with all the high tech offerings of this product. In this configuration, everything

28/05/14Richtech Provides Easy Installed Rear Projection Film with Suction Cup

Whether you are looking to add crisp projection images for a business meeting, major event, or just looking to have some fun at home, you can take advantage of RichTech’s newest offering. RichTech is now offering portable rear projection film to clie