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Multi-touch Table

Want something really unique and interesting, in order to attract customers? RichTech latest design can do that! The Rotatable Bracket Multi-touch Table will give you and your customers a fresh and fantastic experience. It is a high-tech multi touch table with a stunning design, crafted for public spaces. And the customized size of display can let several people interact and share contents at the same time.

The Rotatable Bracket Multi-touch Table is not only easy to install, but also easy for customers to use. They can touch any part of the screen to make use of the technology because no mouse is required. Once the table gets started up, the number of different functions is virtually limitless. Customers can use their fingers to tap icons, view images, draw pictures or write notes on the display. They can also play games, and even access the web if the space is equipped with WiFi. The features also include the option to play music or videos if desired, be they for promotional purposes or simple entertainment. Last but not the least, you are able to add your own special features to the table if you wish, creating a truly customized interactive table that is unlike any other out there. The sheer number of possibilities offered by the table is staggering, allowing for easy customization that will fit any business.

RichTech is always interested in introducing more versions of the multi touch table to fit unique customers’ needs. If you have a unique challenge that might be able to be met with a customized multi touch table, reach out and let your need be known. The results may astonish you.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of Multi-touch Display Table:
1. Unique and attractive appearance, with Rotatable Bracket and ultra-thin table
2. Easy to install and use
3. Customization (appearance, size, multi-touch points and multi-touch software)
4. Attract plenty of customers and beat the rivals by these interesting and wonderful functions

Place Available:
- Bank
- Entertainment Park
- School
- Nightclub
- Bar

Sleek and Futuristic Design - Multi Touch Table

     Sleek and Futuristic Design

           The computer is in a fixed location under the table,

           which makes it very easy to store and use.

           You can place this table almost anywhere you

           want and you will instantly draw a crowd due to these features.

Waterproof and Ultra-thin - Multi Touch Table

         Waterproof and Ultra-thin

                  The multi-touch table is waterproof, so you don’t

                  have to worry about spilled drinks and other disasters.

                  It has an oversized design but is ultrathin, making it practical

                  and very easy to set up.

Rotatable Bracket

Our multi-touch table has an rotatable bracket, which also can be scalable. It means, you will have a portable and

multi-purpose table with good quality.

Safety and Rounded Corner Design - Multi Touch Table

 Safety and Rounded Corner Design

   The corners are rounded, with the safety of the users

   being first and foremost in the designers’ minds.

   Easy to operate and maintain, the table only requires power

   in order to get working, making setup and removal a breeze.

Multiple Points Touch

This multi-touch table can be applied in a variety of different ways, customizing a table to best suit the needs

of your personal business. The display systems can be large or small,

depending onthe amount of space and the number of expected users.

We currently support 1 point to 32points touch.

Multiple Points Touch - Multi Touch Table