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Multi-touch Frame

RichTech's infrared multi touch frame transfers ordinary LCD, LED and projection surface into an amazing multi-touch device, which allow you operates screen with your fingers instead of using a mouse. With its precision touch-tracking and supports up to 32 simultaneous touch inputs, RichTech's multi-touch frame will brings you a fresh and amazing experience. You can now use fingertips to play movies, browse pictures, play games and more when the frame is installed. There are two kinds of frames available – the multi-touch frame with toughened glass and one without toughened glass. This allows you to customize what type of frame you get depending on how it will be used. The size can also be completely customized, with various frames available from 19"/0.5m to 55"/1.4m, along with having various touch points on the frame with anywhere from one to ten points.

The best part of the multi-touch frame is how easily it works. The IR multi touch frame is simply pasted onto the monitor that needs to be updated. The USB connection allows for plug and play capability when it is connected from the frame to the monitor. The conversion from monitor to touch screen is extremely simple, allowing nearly anyone to install and use the device.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of multi touch frame:
1. Supports multi-touch
2. Accurate touch function, no ghost point
3. We could provide you some software applied in the multi-touch screen or multi-touch table.
4. Customization (size, touch points and software...)

Place Available:
- Bank
- Entertainment Park
- School
- Nightclub
- Bar

No Mouse Needed

        No Mouse Needed

               This technology allows users to be completely

               mouse-free on any device it is installed on. This makes

               the device more functional, portable and much

               faster to use. All that is needed to operate it is a fingertip.

Easy Installation - Multi Touch Frame

         Easy Installation

                  This frame is extremely easy for users to install. A 45° splice

                   is used to ensure that it fits snugly onto whatever type of monitor

                   it is being installed on. It is made with a strong and solid high

                   quality aluminum frame that stays in place.


            The IR multi-touch frame allows users to control their

            device with both accuracy and reliability. It can be

            counted upon to not have a ghost point and be

            completely drift-free. The response of the multi-touch

            screen is extremely fast as well.

Easy Operation - Multi Touch Frame

     Easy Operation

          Along with the easy installation of the multi-touch frame

          is the ability for users to easily operate it as well. The frame

          has a USB connector that allows users to simply plug and

          play the screen without any hassle. Even those who are not

          technologically inclined will be able to install and

          use the frame quickly.