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RichTech Kinect Interactive Advertising Dispaly System - RichTech System
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Kinect system is one of the most popular ways which be used to get customers involved in your products. RichTech Kinect System provides a direct way to customers to interact with beautiful pictures and interesting videos, which can make your products eye-catching and appealing. It can create a more interactive experience for customers, leaving them deep impression on your products.

The working of Kinect advertising system is quiet simple to explain. Kinect is a motion sensing input device, which enables users to control and interact with the screen content without touching it. When a user stands in front of the screen, the hanging above camera catches the user’s hand movement. Together with a computer, the system detects motion and responds with changes to the screen content.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of Kinect system:
1. Give your customers an amazing interactive experience with your products
2. Make your products more eye-catching and appealing
3. Provide SDK, you can use it to do secondary development
4. Customization (we can design unique software according to your requirements)

Place Available:
- Retail
- Education
- Advertising
- Event
- Museum
- Entertainment

Accurate Response

The system can recognize the movement of a user, either left or right and excuse a instant response to it.

Accurate Response - Kinect System

Gesture Support - Kinect System

                Gesture Support

                                 The system supports gestures including-Up,

                                 Down, Right, Left.

Easy Install - Kinect System


        Easy Install

                 The installation of the system is quite easy,

                 you just need to run it in your computer for

                 RichTech’s engineer has already

                 moderated it before delivery.

Six Surface Display

Compare with the ordinary one surface display in the screen, it supports a six surface display in a cube.

Six Surface Display - Kinect System