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Interactive Wall System


Utilizing the same technology in our Interactive Floor System with different effects, RichTech’s Interactive Wall System is ideal for presentations and corporate events, as well as the marketing and advertising industries. Our interactive wall projection system is a comprehensive solution including both the hardware and software needed. It is possible to transform a normal wall into a dynamic and interactive area where to put any content. The amazing experience will attract thousands of audience and make them deeply impressed. It is flexible in using such as in the shopping mall, museum, shop window, restaurant, airport etc.

Now, there are a large number of different templates available and unlimited effects, many of which are three dimensional, which adds to the experience. Some of the interactive wall effects are designed to entertain kids, although these effects can potentially be modified for adults as well. The purpose of these effects is to help children learn the process of interaction, which can make it easier to introduce them to the interactive wall as a learning tool.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of interactive wall system.
1. Integrate advertising into amazing entertainment experience
2. Strong advertising feed-back
3. Makes your display come alive and contains huge information
4. Easy to install and convenient to use
5. Compact size to transport
6. Widely used in more than 120 countries all over the world
7. Unlimited effects and over 120 templates
8. Customization

The capabilities of stunning visuals and software are transformed into the futuristic world of interactive business and learning. So do not hesitate, go ahead and get a interactive wall system in order to get the best way to attractive more and more customers & defeat with rival.

Place available:
- shopping mall
- Restaurant
- Airport
- Kindergarten
- Museum
- Exhibition/Event
- Wedding


Interactive Wall for Round1 Entertainment Center in Japan

Largest Interactive LCD Screen Wall in The World

Interactive Wall in Russian Advertising Market

Interactive Wall for Round1 Entertainment Center in Japan

Largest Interactive LCD Screen Wall in The World

Interactive Wall in Russian Advertising Market

An All in One Solution
RichTech Interactive Wall System is fully integrated and contained in a specially

designed box made of aluminum alloy.

Remote Controlled

      Remote Controlled

            Both the computer and the projector
            are capable of being used via remote


      High Resolution Effects

             Unlimited effects and approximately 120 

             different effect templates have been specially

             developed by professional designers for the
                   Interactive Wall System.

Available in All Sizes     

      Available in All Sizes

            The display area can be customized

            for any size needed. Special Edge

            Blending software allows you to blend

            multiple projection screens together smoothly.

interactive wall - Different Surfaces

 Usable on Different Surfaces
        You aren’t limited to one surface when it

       comes to this product. You can project

       onto a wall, floor, table, or other surface

       as the need arises.

24×7 Technical Support
RichTech’s skilled technical team is available all day for your technical support, installation, and customization needs.