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Interactive Bar System


This is a wonderful experience about interaction. RichTech Interactive Bar System can deliver immersive, seamless, and irresistible interactive experiences. It is a combination of hardware and software, which transforms a standard bar surface into an eye-popping display of images and color, complete with motion sensor technology. The addition of this kind of technology into an existing space can add a memorable and dynamic element to any socially minded business, from a nightclub to a hotel to a casual restaurant. Our Interactive Bar System is an  innovative and creative product that will attract thousands of customers and even make them too delight to leave. This interesting bar system can give your customers an unique and amazing interactive experience. It is the strongest power for you to beat your rivals.

Interactive Bar System takes interactive digital media to the next level allowing users to interact with multi-media content, information or even games while immersing in a most engaging audio-visual multi-sensorial experience. One of the most popular features was to have beautiful flowers start to bloom when a customer moved a hand over the bar’s surface or placed a glass on it. There are also numerous interactive games included, both kids and adults will enjoy. Moreover, it also can display any information you want to promote, such as company profile, promotion information and menu. It will give customers the best interactive experience.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of interactive bar system.
1. Strong interactive experience, bring an endless stream of customers
2. Makes your display come alive and contains huge information
3. Easy to install and convenient to use
4. Unlimited effects
5. Customization

Because this is a relatively new phenomenon, it will also help your business stand out from the competition as an individualistic enterprise, one that strives to stay ahead of the game by employing only the most cutting edge and intriguing technology. This can be a great way to give a business a different feel than what people normally expect.

Place available:
- Bar

RichTech Interactive Bar Applying in Bar

- Nightclub/Club

RichTech Interactive Bar Applying in Nightclub/Club

- Restaurant

RichTech Interactive Bar Applying in Restaurant

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interactive bar

           Ease of Operation

                      Ease of operation is the main goal, so

                      anybody can sit down and pick up the

                      nuances of this product in a matter

                      of only a few seconds.


                  Designed with usability and simplicity

                  foremost in mind, it is something that

                  will appeal to almost everybody. With

                  bright colors, crisp video, and easy

                  adjustability, there is no reason to put

                  off checking out this excellent product.

     Durable and Comfortable
          Stainless steel brackets hold down the whole bar.

          Specialized engineers have been used to

          customize the positioning of these brackets

          and the height of the table to make sitting

          very comfortable.

Easy Customization

    Easy Customization
        The background image and video playback

        can all be customized to your needs, transforming

        this piece of equipment into something that truly

        shows off the personality and uniqueness of your establishment.

Usable on Different Surfaces


 Usable on Different Surfaces
         You aren’t limited to one surface when it comes to

         this product. You can project onto a wall, floor,

         table, or other surface as the need arises.

24×7 Technical Support
RichTech’s skilled technical team is available all day for your technical support, installation,

and customization needs.

24×7 Technical Support