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Hologram Showcase


RichTech Hologram Showcase is a fully integrated 3D holographic platform that combines the most advanced image processing technologies with a modern showcase. This enables product focused and makes it look like never before. Whether it is used in a shop window, an exhibition, a museum, or a special event, a hologram display showcase can make the presentation more attractive and intriguing.

Our hologram showcase is essentially a combination of hardware and software. RichTech Hologram technology will reflect an amazing 3D image instead of an unattractive 2D image, and it will appear to float in the showcase, allowing focus the attention on the product and show to your customer in a unique way. In a word, RichTech 3D Hologram Showcase has brights clarity and visibility, making your products become more vivid and attracting a steady stream of customers. Moreover, you can also customized different size and color to meet the needs of your products.

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of 3D Hologram Display Showcase:
1. It’s a plug and play system. Open and close, just that easy.
2. Lifelong maintenance software for free.
3. Use amazing 3D image instead of unattractive 2D image, giving customers extraordinarily different feeling about the product.
4. Different size, version and color can be chosen, such as one-side version, three-side version and four-side version.

Place Available:
- Museum
- Pavilion
- Shop window
- Exhibition/Event
- Advertising

     3D Holographic Animation

          The 3D hologram will appear to float in the showcase,

          giving off the illusion that it is an actual, physical product.

Bright and Clearly Visible - Hologram Showcase

      Bright and Clearly Visible

             Hologram showcase can supplement or replace the

             advertisement of a particular product or item and,

             thanks to the brightness and clarity of the hologram

             images created by RichTech, it can enhance the display overall.

Easy to Operate

          Easy to Operate

                     Once installed, a hologram showcase is easy to

                     use: simply plug it in and the image comes to life.

Various Sizes Available

RichTech can design a showcase for your specific needs, in a variety of different sizes and dimensions,

allowing individuals to see the hologram from three sides or four sides.

Various sizes available