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Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is one of the latest and most increasingly popular tools which can be used to show a vivid 3D image just with a paper code. This tactic can create a more interactive experience for your customers and clients, allowing them to engage more with your product. This technology cannot only be used for advertising and event promotion, but can also be used as an educational tool in museums or simply for entertainment value.

RichTech Augmented Reality System makes it possible for people to see themselves interact with 3D virtual animation in a monitor. If you want to find a way to promote your products or show information, Augmented Reality must be the best choice to attract people. The future of augmented reality is clearly bright. Augmented-reality systems will display graphics for people's perspective!

1. Integrate information into amazing entertainment
2. Makes your display come alive
3. Flexible and vivid 3D image
4. Superior visibility
5. Create a brand new experience
6. Customize effects software according to your requirements

Place Available:
- Museum
- Exhibition/Event
- Entertainment Park
- Shopping Mall

- Outdoor Advertising Billboard

Structure of Augmented Reality:

Structure of Augmented Reality


One of the benefits of augmented reality is that it is entirely customizable. RichTech can design a program that

will best reflect your company’s mission and most effectively represent your product.

Business in Fun - Augmented Reality

         Business in Fun

                  Regardless of the business at which it is implemented,

                  the technology has the ability to add a little bit of fun

                  and playfulness to the promotion of a company.

Create A Brand New Experience - Augmented Reality

    Create A Brand New Experience

        Augmented reality makes it possible for people to see

        themselves interact with virtual animation in a glass mirror.

        The technology makes use of a paper code, which is

        recognized by a camera embedded in the display and

        then the vivid 3D image appears.